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Tormentress: Chapter 1 S.J. Barellstalk

Tormentress: Chapter 1

S.J. Barellstalk

Published July 8th 2012
Kindle Edition
23 pages
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 About the Book 

A well-turned leg, a curvaceous figure, and a shockingly short skirt are effective tools in the hands of the Chinese sex operatives of the Ministry of State Security in loosening the tongues of taciturn male spies. These women are experts at using their sexy bodies to extract information. They are black widow spiders whose sexual bite cannot be resisted and is horribly addictive. Their male targets become sexual slaves to their sweet tightness and luscious femininity. They ruled the roost until challenged by the Sexual Interrogation Project of the CIA. Two great spy agencies clash with one and another for dominance. Female Dominance Femme fatales specializing in female domination strut their stuff and torture and dominate weak-willed and libido-driven men. Never before has coitus been used as such a wicked weapon. The pretty spies hit the males and each other where they are most vulnerable. It is a fight to the finish.