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Sang Tersangka - The Accused John Grisham

Sang Tersangka - The Accused

John Grisham

Published December 2012
ISBN : 9789792290493
288 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Book 3 in the Theodore Boone series by John Grisham. This series is written for a middle school audience and is probably OK for that age group, but I think it is a bit simplistic even for that group. This story picks up shortly after book one left off. The trial for Pete Duffy, the bad guy from book one is about to go on trial for murdering his wife - but he disappears. At about that same time strange things start happening to Theo - his school locker was broken into, the tires on his bike are slashed on three different occasions, and a rock is thrown through the office window. As Theo is trying to figure out what is happening, he is questioned by the police for the burglary and theft at a local computer store. Theo sets about clearing his name, and comes to learn a lot of lessons about being a potential defendant in a criminal case. He also learns a bit about how interconnected different parts of his life are - and how his mothers work can affect his life. In the end, Theo and his uncle Ike solve the case - the bad guys are arrested and Theo is cleared. Not great, but good enough to recommend to a young person.