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Goodbye, Ms. Chips (Ellie Haskell Mystery, #12) Dorothy Cannell

Goodbye, Ms. Chips (Ellie Haskell Mystery, #12)

Dorothy Cannell

Published April 1st 2008
ISBN : 9780312343385
288 pages
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 About the Book 

This is the first book Ive ever read by this author, Dorothy Cannell.This is a mystery taking place at an all girls boarding school. Ellie Haskell was invited to her old school to help find out who stole the Loverly sports trophy.I felt like the book just seemed to drag on and on, and would never end. There were so many characters, it was difficult for me to remember who was who!It became a very boring book to read. It was, in my opinion filled with way to much unnecessary filler in the story. Actually, I got so bored, a few times I fell asleep. ( One example of what I call unnecessary filler)I resolutely shoved aside the memory of my later entirely independent transgression as Dorcas approached the village green with its wooden benches shaded by fringed canopies of beech and chestnut trees. The circle of houses, set back from hedged gardens, presented a harmonious appearance despite a mix of whitewashed exteriors with brown or pale-rose brick facades, along with a variety of roof styles from sharply pitched to low forehead ones. Old-fashioned wooden or iron gates gave entry to pathways leading to front doors painted mostly green, white, or black, but with an occasional blue one added. Flowers bloomed in crowded cheer, the whole softened by a golden wash of sunlight, creating an effect similar to a filmlike hazy flashback to an earlier point of reference: the idyllic scene before tragedy rips apart the fabric of lives steeped in the traditions of afternoon tea, croquet on the back lawn, and harmless flirtations with the curate. HC pg. 30-31.That is just one paragraph, the next paragraph went on and on. I actually forgot what I was reading about, and had to back up, to get back into the story again. There is a quote on page 183, of a conversation between two of the characters, I just had to add here:It is interesting, what you are reading?Its fast-paced. Rosemary did not lift her eyes.And that is good?No! Id rather it dragged line by dreary line, one excruciatingly boring page after another. That is how I found this book, one excruciatingly boring page after another.I didnt enjoy this book so therefore, that is why the 1 star.